A College Planner Reduces Stress and Gives Your Child an Edge

The competitiveness and deadlines of college admissions don’t have to stress you out.

Just ask Lauren Saletan. Lauren has helped scores of families over the last two decades with the daunting college admissions process. Her clients routinely praise her for her help. (Read client testimonials here.)

Princeton by Nouhailler, on Flickr

Princeton by Nouhailler, on Flickr. Used with a Creative Commons license.

With Lauren’s assistance, her clients have gotten into top notch schools and, importantly, schools that are a perfect fit for the student. Lauren will assess your high school student to see what his or her goals, strengths and challenges are, so as to identify colleges that are right on target, and that may be a reach or may be considered “safety” schools. Just like every student, every college is different and, especially given the cost of college these days, it is critical to help your student gain admittance to a college that will be perfect for him or her.

College planning with a professional reduces stress in the family

It’s not just about getting an edge in the admissions process, however. Lauren’s experience as a therapist helps her to know how to defuse familial tensions surrounding the admissions process, thereby reducing stress at home. It’s hard enough raising a teenager as they begin the process of exerting and expressing their autonomy. Why get into more fights with your teenager about deadlines and essay writing? It makes solid sense to hire a professional who not only deeply knows how the college admissions process works, but who will serve as a buffer between your child and you.

Make use of a professional to help your child have that edge and get into a school that is a perfect fit. Reduce the stress at home with your teenager.

Gaining an edge and reducing stress: The advantages of professional college planning made easy with Lauren Saletan.

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