Parenting Skills Workshops

I conduct parenting skills workshops on a regular basis. Topics covered include:

Who Has the Power in your Home?

Does your child rule the roost, call the shots, assume role of the superior? Are you negotiating with your toddler? Do you constantly make deals and bargains to get your child to listen? Focusing on the inevitable power struggle between parents and children, learn how to reclaim your power as the parent and be boss in your home.

Positive Parenting… Learn the Lingo that Works

When parenting, do you practice what you preach, or do you live by the “do as I say, not as I do” rule? Most children are sensitive to their parents’ tone and words, and will copy what they see and hear. Learn a new language for parenting that fosters strength, confidence and respect in your child.

Encouraging Independence… It’s a Life Skill

Do you ever wonder if you are over parenting your child? Do you ever help your child with little things so they don’t make a mess? Do you ever tie their shoes because you don’t have the patience to let them do it themselves? Most of us are so pressed for time, it’s understandable. However, there is a fine line between being nurturing and creating a dependent child. Find new ways to parent your child while encouraging their sense of self and independence.

Let Loose and Be Free While Parenting

Do you ever feel like you are you being too rigid? Do you worry your children will be out of control if you loosen your reins or break the rules a bit? Children clearly need consistent limits and boundaries. They also need to have fun. Discover new ways to show them both.

Nutrition… Kids Love to Eat

We’re all so rushed today, but do we give our children fast food, or find time to make something much healthier? Food is both one of the biggest ways we nurture our children, but also one of the biggest areas of conflict with our children. It’s not just about calories and weight, but also about the foods that can affect their behavior in a positive or negative way. Learn how to take the battle out of eating and learn what their little bodies really need.

Body Image and Sexuality

Children become aware of their bodies at a very young age. It’s vital for us as parents to know how to deal with questions and behaviors that arise from this discovery. Your reactions as your child’s role model will build the foundation for what your child feels about body image and sexuality. Learn to communicate this sensitive subject with your child in a comfortable and safe way.