Counseling and Psychotherapy

Counseling and Psychotherapy

Making the choice to seek counseling or psychotherapy is a huge decision.

People choose to go into therapy for a myriad of reasons, but mostly because they want their life to be in a different place. A difficult relationship, depression, anxiety, family conflict, work stress, difficulty parenting, etc. etc. lead to the determination to seek help and support for personal difficulties.

Choosing the right therapist is very personal. The most important criterion in selecting a therapist is your comfort level with that individual. All therapists offer different styles of practice and you have to find one that’s right for you. It might be confusing if you hear about different types of therapy. Perhaps you have heard of a cognitive behavioral approach, systems therapy, applied behavioral analysis or psychoanalysis. You might wonder how you might benefit from one style over another. I strongly believe it is your connection with your therapist that will help you heal, rather than the particular school of therapy that is followed.

In my practice, I don’t subscribe to one school of thought. Rather, I offer my clients an individualized approach to their difficulties. Most importantly, I work on building a safe and trusting relationship for only out of that relationship, do issues resolve and peace is found.

I also will sometimes bring in my therapeutic Goldendoodle dog, Zoe, when working with children and adults.  I believe Zoe helps people to relax and to feel safe, especially when working on difficult or painful issues.

I am very interactive in all sessions with clients. I offer insight, I ask questions and I help my clients to see themselves and their behaviors. You can’t make any significant changes in your life until you reach this point of self knowledge. That is my goal in my work with all of my clients, and that is the intuitive understanding I would like to help you achieve.