College Planning Made Easy

College Planning Made Easy

Let me help you put your child into college.

Let’s face it… Getting into college today isn’t what it used to be. Schools are very competitive and are extremely selective with their student body.

It’s never too early to begin the college planning process. In fact, parents should start helping their children plan in their freshman year of high school. Basic steps should be mapped out in order to steer students in the right direction both academically and with extracurricular activities.

College planning can be very simple with organization and a clear understanding of the steps that need to be taken. The process can be fun and rewarding for both parent and child. Don’t believe it? Hear what my clients have to say.

How I Can Help

I work with the parents and students through all phases of the college planning process. Our services both reduce stress in the family during this challenging time and help to give your student an edge in the admissions process.

Targeted school selections

Based on the goals you and your child want to attain, an appropriate selection of schools is vital. Schools are based on numerous factors that include academic ranking, geographic region, size and course of study.

Provide timelines and sequence of planning steps

If you ask anyone who has a child in college, the parent will tell you how hectic the process can be. I’ll help remove the stress by providing you with a proven timeline what needs to be done and when.

Filling out of applications

Depending on where your child wishes to apply, there may be only one common application to be completed or several different ones based on the school’s policy.

Make recommendations about standardized testing

Some kids test well, other have a more difficult time. We’ll find the right test battery along with study options that best suit the student.

Suggestions on essay topics, writing, and editing

One of the biggest areas of anxiety in the college planning process is also one the most important. I will work with your child to select the best essay topic, and help them craft their ideas.

Support on how to put resume together to maximize potential

Though high school seniors may not have a lot of experience outside of school to be able to prepare a resume, it is still something that colleges like to see. If presented correctly, a resume can help gain the edge with admissions.

Assistance with organizing letters of recommendation

Learn how to get a personal letter from someone who actually knows your child and whose presentation would be advantageous in the admission process.

Help with financial aid options

Paying for the best school your child can get into is very tough or most of us. Too many times I see parents send their child to a subpar school due to finances. Together we will help maximize your dollar to get the most out of it. Proper planning ahead of time will help you get the best financial assistance you can.