Get an Edge with a College Planner

A professional college planner can give your child an edge when applying to schools

We give our children smartphones, computers, cars and other material possessions.  Parents may believe these gifts will make their children happy and perhaps even give their kid an advantage or a “leg up” on someone else.

College student studying in Park by CollegeDegrees360, on Flickr

College student studying in Park by CollegeDegrees360, on Flickr. Used with Creative Commons license.

Many parents apply that same logic when the time approaches for their child to apply to college. They hire a professional to help get their child into the best possible school. It’s a solid decision. A skilled and informed College Planner will be able to assess students and match them with appropriate potential schools. That fit must include many criteria including geographical location, size, academic ranking and specialized programs.

Colleges are extremely competitive today. The applicant pools are bigger then ever before so colleges can afford to be picky as they select an incoming class. Every component of the application and essay writing is critical, and can make or break and admission.

There is clearly an advantage to those students that work with a College Planner and the reason is threefold. First, a College Planner is cognizant of and able to identify the right mix of schools for a student. That mix should include reach schools the child dreams to get into, on-target schools that seem quite likely to be accepted into, and safety schools the child should have little problem gaining admittance to.

Second, a College Planner knows how to complete the applications and knows exactly what colleges are really looking for in personal and other essays. They can steer students in the right direction and help them to craft their ideas so colleges really get to know them through the essay.

Third, hiring a College Planner will give your child a secure and comfortable arena for the application process so their best selves shine through in every application — ensuring many acceptances!

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